Tuvojas noslēgumam Laumas treniņi Amerikā

The awesomeness just never stops

Florida sure is taking a while to explore and it keeps giving small surprises every day. This week I got two extra holiday because of the storms. It wasn’t just raining cats and dogs, but pouring elephants and horses! And the winds got the jet ski and kayak about 200 meters from where they stood, the tube was blown all the way up to the Hansen’s house, the tree that held the gibbon slack line is fell down and the water level has came up lots too.

masicas runges

The circled object was marking the water level before rain.


Bye-bye Gibbon.

This week I was working on the Tantrum a lot and getting it around on the board every time, but one thing that won’t let me ride away from it yet is the fact that I still freak out, because I keep thinking it’s the scaaaarrryyyy tantrum, haha! When I was sick and tired and frustrated of not being able to ride away, I gave a go for Toeside Backroll again, which on the first try I did awesome and even over rotated, just like Andy told me to, so I won’t get that hard crash. But as I got too excited about how good I threw it, later on that day I took two 3/4 falls. OUCH!

So courage less, but still willing to learn some inverts, I gave a go for a Switch Backroll and I actually landed it the same day I started trying! So two switch inverts now – Backroll and Halfcab Roll to Revert. Thrilled!

Andy tried to make April fools on Friday that the boat is not working, but the fact that the boat didn’t make any sound while he “turned” the key made it suspicious, so I caught him on that quite fast, hooray! But I didn’t anyone either so finally it was an average Friday without any accidents.


Impossible to resist.

On Friday I stayed with the Mather’s family and had an awesome time swimming, picking up oranges, pressing the sweetest juice for breakfast followed by Starbucks, a visit to thePerformance shop. As I keep forgetting that I’m in the most crowded wakeboarding area in the world, Amber Wing casually walks in to get some gear. That left me speechless for a second but then I remember where am I, haha.

Ooh, and as we were looking at Carter’s globe I found a very interesting island in the Pacific Ocean. :)


Wake island.

wake island

Right after that we went to OWC cable, getting papers signed, board on and boom! Let’s ride! Need to admit I’m no good at the cable, but I felt proud to succeed the jump start for 100%, the table top for about 80% and the big kicker for about 50%, haha. I was actually thinking of doing a scarecrow of it, but as I passed to do one more lap, so I could think about the take off, instead I took a beautiful head smack on the next slider. My neck really hated that fall, so that’s where I went back into street clothing.


Haha, and I’m wearing an Oakley jacket.

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